No machine.wake_reason() for lightsleep?

  • Hi all.

    As the topic states, is there a machine.wake_reason() for lightsleep?

    I am using lightsleep for my FiPy, which is enabled using:


    this puts my FiPy in lightsleep for 5 seconds. If i try to get the wake reason using:

    print("Wake Reason: "+str(machine.wake_reason()))

    the result is: Wake Reason: (0, None). This is the result no matter if i just let the time run out, or if i wake it from acceleromeer which i set up and is able to wake the system up from lightsleep.

    What i basically need is to be able to check if a wake_up from lightsleep was triggered by the sleep interval running out, any ideas?


  • Anyone from Pycom who have a answer about this?

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