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  • Hi all,

    Last September I ordered and received an expansion board (3.1) and a LoPy4.

    For various reasons, I only just got around to playing with it, and then I found I couldn't update it on either windows or Mac, saw this link: and then contacted pycom support as suggested.

    This is now over a week ago, with no response whatsoever.

    Is this normal?

  • Hi, after eventually getting a response from Pycom support (which actually, was yet another administration step of filling out an RMA request), and then 2 week later having to ask again what is happening when you closed the request, I am STILL waiting for SOME information as to what is happening!!

    Rarely have I come across such useless support, the response time is ridiculous, - almost non-existant..

    The board you sent me last year was one of a faulty batch, why on earth didn't you then pro-actively inform your customers instead of waiting for them to have to figure out for themselves that the hardware is faulty?!

    This has been dragging on now for a month, for something that should be a simple "click" on your side, to send a replacement board.., dispapointing..

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi @fz750,

    I'm sorry for the delayed answer, your issue was answered on the support platform.

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