TSL2591 runtime error: Overflow reading light channels

  • Hello there! :)
    I have a TSL2591 light sensor with this library. I use this sensor to mesure light from a special kind of partly infra led lamp.
    Based on the datasheet this sensor should be good up to 88000 lux which is huge. But I get Overflow errors from around 2940 lux.
    This is one okay measurement, above that its runtime error(overflow):

    Total light: 2935.916 lux
    infrared light: 11313
    Visible light: 741434001
    full spectrum(IR+ visible) light: 741445314

    Can you gave me a tip, what am I do wrong?
    Thank you! :)

  • I tried to mess around with gain. Tried out every possibility, but no luck.

  • I took out the checks where the overflow exception is rased. And after 3000 lumen the values start to decrease... so I turn up the know on the lamp, goes up to 3000 then down to -1600.

  • I digged into the library little bit, and I found out the the error is raised because channel_0 is ?too low? and channel_0 is getting his value from here _TSL2591_REGISTER_CHAN0_LOW = const(0x14).
    Not much, but still digging.

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