Begginer with some questions about FiPy device

  • Hi,

    Im a new user to FiPy and have some doubts about this amazing device:

    • If I interface it with microchip pic micro controller, how can I establish a Wi-Fi connection, send data and close connection? And the same for LoRa?
    • But, if not using a external MCU, FiPy came with:
      • 2 x UART, 2 x SPI, I2C, micro SD card
      • ANalog channels: 8_12 bit ADCs, 2_8 bit DAC
      • Timers: 2_64 bit with PWM with up to 16 channels
      • DMA on all peripherals
      • GPIO: Up to 22
      And looks very good, but…. I need to interact with another component, read and write data using SPI. What means “Connected to LoRa/Sigfox radio” ?


    Means I can’t use LoRa to transmit/receive and using these pins for SPI at same time? Or its suppose nothing connected?
    And the same for LTE


    And for last, maybe a stupid question. On expansion board I have


    If I connect it on expansion board, it will not be GPIO28 but GPIO21, right?

    And last question: if I want use Lora, LTE and WiFi to communicate, how many GPIO pins I have left, excluding SPI pins?

    Thanks, best regards,

  • Hi,
    You are absolutely correct about the pin configuration. The pin numbers in the documentation for you Fipy are the correct ones
    The Expansion board pinouts refer to an old standard we no longer use. Your offline expansion board should have the correct labels.

    To answer your first question, you can look at one of the tutorials here:

    And connect the second uart (TX1 and RX1) to the external microcontroller.
    The pins connected to Lora/Sigfox are internally connected in the device. On a WiPy, this is not the case, as it does not contain a lora radio.
    You will indeed not be able to use lora and SPI at the same time, but you can learn more about that here:

    Hope its still useful to you!

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