How to create partition tables on pycom (fipy) ?

  • Hi there!

    I'm trying to create some partitions on my fipy's file system. Since pycom runs on an ESP32 I went for a look
    at, which gave me a reasonable understanding of the subject. Then again, I'm a beginner with
    pycom and even micropython. I've done it with an Arduino, but that works elsewise.

    Espressif provides some nice information and even a tool (python):

    I will have several questions, but for now:

    1. I can't even import the module. (I work on a Mac)
    2. would you rather work with the terminal oder with atom? does it even matter?
    3. REPL is cool, but it confuses me, when and how to use properly in such a situation.
    4. is there anything I absolutely shouldn't do while working on partitions?

    Does anybody has some experience with partitioning (on a mac/linux)?

    thanks in advance.

    cheers, lucy

  • Go to your device (make sure it is connected to the platform!) ... Note: Please note that if bootloader or partition table update fails

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