FiPy Temperature Sensor

  • It have, temperature sensor?

  • @lloureiro so the answer depends on what temperature you want to measure: the CPU temperature or the ambient temperature.

    For the former you can use machine.temperature as suggested by @rcolistete

    For the latter you’ll need an external sensor. The Pysense board has one (though at least on the first version it wasn’t perfect due to not being isolated enough from sources of heat such as the CPU, IIRC). Or you could connect any external temperature sensor using SPI or I2C or any number of other interfaces. I would not recommend a sensor with an analog output as the ESP32 ADCs are not very precise.

  • @jcaron Yes, it is the ESP32 internal temperature sensor, always reading above the environment temperature (15-25 C more).

  • @rcolistete that’s probably the CPU’s temperature, which is most certainly quite different from ambient temperature, isn’t it?

  • @rcolistete Thank you for booth answers :)

  • Yes, it has the MCU temperature, use machine.temperature(), but it is not yet documented... (even the Pycom development documentation) :

    import machine
    machine.     # type <Tab> keyboard to see the all objects of the machine context
        __class__       __name__        main            ADC
        BROWN_OUT_RESET                 CAN             DAC
        DEEPSLEEP_RESET                 HARD_RESET      I2C
        PIN_WAKE        PWM             PWRON_RESET     PWRON_WAKE
        Pin             RMT             RTC             RTC_WAKE
        SD              SOFT_RESET      SPI             Timer
        Touch           UART            ULP_WAKE        WAKEUP_ALL_LOW
        WAKEUP_ANY_HIGH                 WDT             WDT_RESET
        deepsleep       disable_irq     enable_irq      flash_encrypt
        freq            idle            info            mem16
        mem32           mem8            pin_sleep_wakeup
        remaining_sleep_time            reset           reset_cause
        rng             secure_boot     sleep           temperature
        unique_id       wake_reason
    machine.temperature()   # in F
    (_ - 32)/1.8            # in C

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