fipy with pytrack and pysense - Possible?

  • I am looking at the pycom products and will be going with fipy to ensure I have all the possible communication options. My requirements are environmental monitoring and GPS. Is it possible to use the the fipy with pysense and pystrack in one "box" ? (sorry I'm a newbie so not 100% sure how this will work)

  • @chucki If you just need the GPS from pytrack, it is easier to use pysense and an external serial GPS breakout, which is connected to an UART port. Take care to get a PySense V2 module.

  • @chuckiI I thing you could try to make a pcb which help you do that but be careful if you do that wrong you may damage your pytrack or pysense, read all the features of the pytrack and pysense. Also keep in mind the function of all pins of your devices.

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