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  • Hi All

    I am attempting to establish two-way comms with the Sigfox backend. I am able to send bytes to the backend from my Fipy, as I can see the messages appearing in the backend. Requesting downlink messages is proving more difficult. I am using the following code, and receiving the following error message.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 14.48.27.png

    As part of my troubleshooting, I have seen other users on the forum 'checking the downlink status' of the backend, and referencing screens such as this.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 14.39.02.png

    Could anyone instruct me in finding this downlink status in the backend? I am aware that there is a maximum of 4 downlink messages per day in Europe, and that I may have fixed the problem already but would not be able to verify this until tomorrow. Checking the backend status in the meantime would be a big help to see if I have correctly requested a downlink message.


  • @bitvijays Excellent - That clears it up!

  • @WilkinsSq Have a look at this

    You are receiving ENETDOWN because either the value of Download link mode is None or Callback. This setting can be found in Device type>Device>Edit. If you set it to DIRECT, the Sigfox will send the message back to your device.

  • Hi @Eric73

    Thats a big help! Thanks very much. I am showing some green downlink arrows. Can I confirm, the green downlink arrows mean that the Sigfox backend has sent back messages to the device (or at least attempted to?)

    Kind Regards

  • You nedd to login in sigfox backend
    click on device
    click on your device ID (hexa decimal number )
    click on messages (left menu)
    in the message list you have up arrow for uplink message detail
    click on a down arrow for have downlink message detail
    If arrow is red there a trouble, if the arraow is green no problem at all (but perhap no data is available for your downlink).

    Note : Sigfox allow 4 downlink message by day, sending more is allowed, just there are send as "best effort policy" to your device, in france if i request more downlink it's works most of the time (specially as pycom device is tagged as devkit in sigfox backend... ;-) )
    I cannot speak for other country.

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