FiPy: How to send data via simultaneous connected with both Wi-Fi and LTE (NB-IoT/ CAT-M)

  • Hello All,

    Hope you are doing well. Just curious, when using FiPy, is it possible to be connected to Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously. If yes, how we make sure that data is sent via a particular interface (wifi/ LTE). In linux, we can do routing via a particular interface.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.


  • This topic is very important for me as well.

    I would like to be always sure the device has means to reach the internet. It would be best to have priorities such that packages are preferably sent via WiFi (if present) rather than LTE.

    Do you think that invoking pybytes.connect() when both the configurations for LTE and WiFi are present is going to help?

    Another question, why can I init LTE via code without specifying the band and, on the other hand, I have to specify the band when I add the LTE config to pybytes?

  • Okies.. Thanks @Gijs In this case, Do you think it would be possible to guide. How we can achieve this functionality? We are considering a hypothetical use-case where device is connected to both NB-IoT and Wi-Fi. However, a message should be sent via NB-IoT as defined. Any suggestion on how we can implement it? Happy to look and modify the firmware as required.

  • Hi, sorry I thought I already replied here!
    It is possible to be connected through Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously! Unfortunately, you cannot set the interface to use in the socket. I am not exactly sure about which one is used in the end. It is not advisable to actually use both networks simultaneously to simulate a WiFi-LTE bridge, as it will be very slow and expensive.

  • @Gijs Any suggestions on this?

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