FiPy: How to send data via simultaneous connected with both Wi-Fi and LTE (NB-IoT/ CAT-M)

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    Hope you are doing well. Just curious, when using FiPy, is it possible to be connected to Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously. If yes, how we make sure that data is sent via a particular interface (wifi/ LTE). In linux, we can do routing via a particular interface.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.


  • Okies.. Thanks @Gijs In this case, Do you think it would be possible to guide. How we can achieve this functionality? We are considering a hypothetical use-case where device is connected to both NB-IoT and Wi-Fi. However, a message should be sent via NB-IoT as defined. Any suggestion on how we can implement it? Happy to look and modify the firmware as required.

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    Hi, sorry I thought I already replied here!
    It is possible to be connected through Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously! Unfortunately, you cannot set the interface to use in the socket. I am not exactly sure about which one is used in the end. It is not advisable to actually use both networks simultaneously to simulate a WiFi-LTE bridge, as it will be very slow and expensive.

  • @Gijs Any suggestions on this?

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