Help: pytrack V2.0 sensor header information

  • I need some help and could not find information about physical characteristics of the pytrack2 I2C sensor header (called "pyport" on the board). I think I need some sort of plug for this if I am to add my own sensors but can't work out what to look for that will fit exactly. Is there a specific name for the part, or is there a pycom accessory I should be buying to plug into this header?


  • In the near future, we will have sensosr in our webshop to attach to this PyPort. Now in the meantime, the connector is for a 6 pin ribbon cable with 1.27mm pin pitch available from most of the well known vendors. The part number: Amphenol 20021511-00006T4LF. Be careful as it is not the regular sized 2.54mm pin pitch connector


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