LoRaWAN ABP example

  • Practically LoRa/LoRaWAN functions are not ducomented. Found nothing about

    • how to configure, display, etc. channels used by LoraWAN stack
    • how to setup DR, Spreading factor and other parameters
    • is there a unique HWEUI available
    • how to use ABP
    • etc

    There is only an incomplete OTA example without channel settings, only the join part shown :(

    Can someone provide a complete ABP example?

    What is the ETA for a usable, minimal documentation? In the module index nothing about the LoRa functionality in the network module part.

  • @LoneTech nice, should be easy to use this directly in the auth setup so one doesn't have to hardcode the DevEUI

  • Thanks, it looks the HWEUI. On my board I get a similar value except the different few last digits as expected.

  • Haven't a clue about most of those bits, but I expect there is a unique HWEUI available. For example I found these IDs by introspection:

    >>> binascii.hexlify(network.LoRa().mac())
    >>> binascii.hexlify(machine.unique_id())
    >>> binascii.hexlify(network.WLAN().mac())

    The LoRa MAC address should be the HWEUI value (it's an 8-byte EUI, whereas the WiFi one is 6-byte).

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