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  • Hello, Hope everyone is doing well. Quick query on event-based programming/ interrupts.

    As FiPy allows connecting with multiple networks (LTE, WiFi, LoRa, Sigfox, Bluetooth), is there a way to know when a particular network is disconnected.

    For example, assuming a battery powered FiPy is connected to WiFi, however the power of the house is disconnected and WiFi is disconnected. Is there a way to know that FiPy sends a event/ interrupt that WiFi is disconnected? rather than running a loop always to check whether wifi is connected or not. Similarly for LTE and lora.

    If so, would be grateful if examples to implement such functionality can be pointed to.

  • @Gijs Hope you don't mind me tagging onto this thread.
    Is it planned to add more callback events for LTE, in addition to EVENT_BREAK?

    I don't see any other triggers listed in the documentation.

  • o/ @Gijs Hope you are doing well and had a good weekend. Happy New Year too. Thank you for implementing the LTE Connectivity loss functionality. By any chance is there any update/progress on WiFi connectivity loss functionality?

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Global Moderator

    Thanks for asking, im good.
    We do not have such callback for WiFi unfortunately. At the moment, it is also not on a priority list to get implemented.

    For LTE, it is documented to the best of my knowledge here: https://docs.pycom.io/tutorials/networks/lte/. The callback is activated when an unsolicited response is received from the modem.


  • @Gijs Hope you are doing well. Did you got a chance to check the callback for the WiFi and is the LTE callback functionality available now?

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    I know we have this callback for LTE, but not for WiFi (Ill check if its possible!)
    LoRa and SigFox do not really have any connection status, as they are not continuously connected
    and for Bluetooth there is a callback as well.
    You can find the relevant information in the documentation:
    (For LTE, im still writing about it!)


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