can't get PyMakr to start in VSCode

  • Already blown 1/2 a day trying to trouble shoot this and getting no where, please help!

    I followed the instructions on setting my PyMakr

    • I am using a Windows machine
    • I already had VScode installed with PlatformIO
    • I downloaded node.js 64 bit version, I couldn't get PyMakr to work, so removed and installed the 32 bit version as advised in Pycom trouble shooting. Both gave same result.
    • Confirmed Node is installed using node -v in command prompt (v12.18.3)
      This is odd as VScode is saying it is using version 12.14.1 of Node.js
    • VScode version is 1.49.00
    • PyMakr plugin is v1.1.6, it is installed globally
    • The PyMakr device is coming up as following COMM port

    I am not getting the blue bar down the bottom. I have a purple bar which is from Platform IO.


    Any help on what to do? Not sure where I have gone wrong. Thanks

  • Please check the new version 1.1.7!

  • @benc Yes, thanks, rolling back VScode one version worked. Appreciated!

  • Hi,
    Thanks for notifying us! We were not aware of the issue. Ill notify the developers!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I also have the issue since my VSCode updated to 1.49 (August 2020). Before this update, it was working.
    So I guess that the VSCode update has killed the PyMakr plugin, like has happened in the past

    If you manually install 1.48.2, it should work:

    Then in settings, disable automatic updates.
    This worked for me. Will need to keep using 1.48.2 until Pycom release a fix for PyMakr

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