LTE Modem did not respond!

  • from network import LTE
    import pycom
    lte = LTE()
    def getLTE():
      if lte.isconnected(): return lte
      if not lte.isattached():
        print('attaching ', end=''); lte.attach()
        while not lte.isattached(): print('.', end=''); time.sleep(1)
      if not lte.isconnected():
        print('connnecting ', end=''); lte.connect()
        while not lte.isconnected(): print('.', end=''); time.sleep(1)
      return lte

    lte.attach function respond error "modem did not respond"
    What can ı do about this issue?
    Can you help me guys?

  • The solution to this issue is to 'update' the modem firmware (reflash the LR6.0.0.0-41019). This will reset the baudrate of the UART communication. It is also possible to use several AT commands from the AT command manual to restore factory baudrate settings, but Im not exactly sure which ones.


  • @Gijs said in LTE Modem did not respond!:

    lte = LTE(debug=True)

    hi @Gijs thanks for your reply!
    I did what you said and got a printout like this

    [AT] 91919 AT
    [AT-FAIL] +303
    [AT] 92222 AT+CGATT?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    [AT] 92526 AT+CEREG?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    [AT] 92830 AT+CFUN?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    attaching [AT] 93134 AT
    [AT-FAIL] +305
    [AT] 93439 AT+CGATT?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    [AT] 93743 AT+CEREG?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    [AT] 94047 AT+CFUN?
    [AT-FAIL] +304
    [AT] 94351 AT+SQNCTM?
    [AT-FAIL] +9504
    [AT] 103855 AT+SQNCTM?
    [AT-FAIL] +9504
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 20, in <module>
    File "", line 13, in getLTE
    ValueError: Modem did not respond!

    and return:
    <<< Welcome to the SQN3330 firmware updater [1.2.6] >>>

    FiPy with firmware version 1.20.2.r1
    Your modem is in application mode. Here is the current version:

  • Hi,
    Can you try the following: lte = LTE(debug=True). This will print the AT commands and their responses. If you get an error, can you try, import sqnsupgrade;


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