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  • Hi,

    I'm using a FiPy-board and have 2x SIM-cards (Orange and Telenet).

    Whenever I load the NB-IoT firmware I can connect with both SIM-cards to their apn. Whenever I load the LTE-M firmware I can connect with only the Orange-card en everything works but with the Telenet-card nothing.

    All cards are active in the Orange / Telenet-platform. Today a radio-technician from Telenet came to support us. When he plugged the SIM-card in his modem, it worked. But when he plugged it back to my modem, it did not attach.

    We were able to see that an ATTACH REQUEST whas followed by a ATTACH REJECT (in the log of the radio technician) but on the Telenet Macrosite for LTE-M they could see any attach request in the log. Telenet has double checked logs several times and also reprovisioned the SIM-cards without success.

    I guess that Telenet is Base but I'm not sure if it is also for LTE-M. They are convinced that the modem is rejecting the attachment (RSSI values are very very good, the tower is about 200m from our location).

    Is it possible that the Sequans Monarch modem is rejecting the attachment? Is there a way to find out what is causing this problem? When I ask AT!="showphy" I can see CELL_SEARCH, CELL_ACQUIRED several times and then it drops to DRXSLEEP?

    If so, the most important for us is to know if the modem is causing this or the network so we can provision this issue into further development.



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