Pycom Firmware Upgrade - Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out

  • Good evening

    Tryed to upgrade the firmware on a Lopy4 + 3.1 expansion board and it seems i was unable to no matter what i tryed.

    -OS: Windows 10
    -Checked COM port, and the port selected is the correct one
    -Can connect to devices to upload/download code trough USB + IDE like Atom
    -Have the latest version of the upgrade tool
    -IDE is closed when tool is open

    The error occurs when the tool tries to read information about the board with the following error:


    i do note that from the moment i try to use the tool, the expansion board led indicator named "LED" is blinquing quickly.

    When the error happens, if i imediatly close the tool and open the IDE to see the output of the device, it seems he is in a loop with this mensage:


    only way to get the LoPy to come back to normal is to either unpower it or by pressing the reset button on board.

    Any sugestions?

    extra note: was able to use the tool on a complitely diferent lopy4 and board the day before, so drivers or windows bugs shoulnt be a problem

  • @Gijs will try, i dont have much experience with the cli. Any positive results i will post here. Meanwhile any others tips are welcome

  • Global Moderator

    I have not seen this issue before, but it seems the device is stuck in a boot loop as it could not find a bootloader at 0x1000. Now this can (probably) be fixed when using the command line interface: but Im not 100% sure

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