Bulk programming

  • Hi all!
    So, we are now close to the point, to deploy our device. The custom firmware is tested, 32 test devices running fine now for several month.
    What I'm now thinking about is, how to program some hundreds of devices?
    To program the firmware we'll use the cli tool (via some overlying software). We have a ABB YuMi to connect our board with pogo pins, so every device will have contact over the same COM port. What I'm looking for, is a way, to upload a config.json and a main.py programatically. All the rest will be there as frozen code. But we like to have the ability to change some things OTA, so we cannot have all the code frozen.
    As Pymakr is able to upload code via COM port, it should be possible to do it without the use of Pymakr, but I didn't find any hints how to do it.
    So, how can I manually upload some files over COM port?


  • Ok, stupid!
    I answers my question by myself:
    Until now, I haven't recognized rshell. I can do the job by using "esptool" and "rshell" from within a python script. So I can connect to the api of the LoRaWAN server to register the devices, creating the config.json an copying all the stuff into /flash.


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