Pymakr does not connect to LoPy via WiFi

  • I've managed to update the LoPy firmware using the standalone updater. I was able to connect to the LoPy with with PyMakr on Kubuntu Xenial. Then I've altered the to connect to my local WiFi network.

    The LoPy logs in, I can see it and connect to it by using telnet or FTP. But I cannot connect to it via PyMakr neither by using its IP nor its name ("ESP").

    Is there anything else I should look out for?

    Edited to make the title clearer.

  • @peter thx this also worked for me now, the other example from the lopy documentation somehow did not work for me, so thx for sharing.

  • @DarkHawk, I am using this to connect to my local WLAN:

    import machine
    from network import WLAN
    wlan = WLAN(mode=WLAN.STA)
    nets = wlan.scan()
    for net in nets:
        if net.ssid == 'MYSSID':
            wlan.connect(net.ssid, auth=(net.sec, 'my-wlan-key'), timeout=5000)
            while not wlan.isconnected():

    It is pretty standard as I've just adapted an example I've found somewhere around here.

  • @DarkHawk This post helped me getting the LoPy connect to my WiFi

  • @peter ahh, sorry I missed the part with "wifi", but it's also the same here. using pymakr I cannot connect via usb or wifi (AP mode). but telnet/ftp via wifi works, direct connect on terminal via usb also works fine. it's just pymakr that didn't want to connect.

    but regarding wifi, wifi is only working in AP mode, If I use the example to connect to my own wifi, the lopy tells me it succeeded, but I can't connect or even ping it.
    @peter could you share your example? I'm also curious how to set it up to use dhcp.

  • There are no other sessions open. In fact I try to connect to the LoPy with PyMakr first. Only when this has failed, I checked it by using telnet or ftp.

  • Pymakr 1.0.0.b5 connects to LoPy as expected if no other sessions opened.

  • The telnet server only allows one connection at a time. Did you disconnect any other Telnet clients before trying with Pymakr?

  • Please note that my request did not raise an issue about connecting the LoPy via USB at all. I did not even try to connect it via ttyUSB, so I can not say if this would work or not. There is no physical connection between my PC and the LoPy.

    My question exclusively pertains to the problem that PyMakr is unable to connect via WiFi to the LoPy while I can reach it via telnet and ftp from the exact same machine without any problems.

  • same her pymakr (on mac) is not able to connect to the lopy via usb, not the old pymakr and als not the new version.

  • Thank you for trying to help.
    As I've mentioned, I did manage to update the firmware with the standalone updater. That is not the issue.
    I also do not have another Arduino like device connected via any ttyUSB. In fact, the LoPy is not connected by USB at all. That is also not the issue.
    I can connect to it via WiFi. It gets an IP adress by my DHCP server. I can ping it, telnet to it and ftp to it. PyMakr however tries to connect but fails. That is my problem.

  • Do you have ANY other ardiono device connected? I had a TTN Uno connected to it borks the IDE

    also try using the standalone FW updater to get up to date first.

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