WiPy 1.0 Bricked, Red Light on even after factory reset

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    I tried to upgrade the WiPy firmware as on the /gettingstarted instructions. Unfortunately, this made the WiPy unusable. When I start up the device, the red heartbeat light just stays on. Even if I do a factory reset (3.3V to Pin28) the heartbeat light flashes for 3 seconds, then faster for another 3 seconds, then even faster for another 1.5 seconds. Then the static red heartbeat light goes on again. Ive searched forums and asked around. My Dealer said I should contact you. Please can you help me. I was going to prototype a new alarm system (specifically for South African Homes) using this device, but with its failure I had to switch over to Raspberry Pi.

  • @josua
    Glad you got it working by doing the firmware upgrade procedure again

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  • @josua @josua
    Nice, it works now. I tried to upgrade it once again doing this steps and it works:
    Disconnect your device from the PC.
    Connect wire G23+GND using a jumper cable.
    Connect the board to the USB.
    Run the upgrader
    Remove the G23+GND wire.
    Reboot the device (button or powercycle)

  • @jmarcelino Yes I tried resetting it and I tried to boot in safe mode. Nothing changes... The red light stays on. I also tried to connect to SiPy via Putty COM and what I see is only the black terminal screen. And last, when my SiPy is on, there is no Wi-Fi connection to it.

  • @Foennie
    my few wipy work near continously near half of year
    maybe you have bad one

  • Pybytes Beta

    I have been unable to solve this. I had to take it back to the supplier. After 2 weeks they told me that they too could not fix it, so they ended up replacing it for me. I think this device is soooo dainty. Its definitely not a robust industrial grade solution. Mostly home and Project use.

  • @josua
    The SiPy is a very different device, have you tried resetting it, for example by pressing the reset button?

  • @Foennie Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my SiPy after upgrading with the latest firmware.. Did you solve it?

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