Changes to the Forum

  • Hi Everyone,

    You may have noticed a layout change, some updated branding and new categories on the Forum. We're trialling some changes to make firmware/bug issues easier for us to identify & handle as well as generally making the Forum easier to navigate.

    Please bear with us while these changes are taking place as we're working to ensure that everything remains easy to navigate and simple to understand!

    I'll be updating the Forum guidelines in the next day or so to provide an understanding into where things have moved to and some update to the posting rules/guides.



  • @bucknall thanks for the info, hope the migration goes smoothly :-)

  • Hi @robmarkcole,

    Thanks for the feedback! We're aware of these issues and are reviewing how to migrate the forum over to a new platform as our existing tool NodeBB is very limiting in what it offers. I reviewed this previously and unfortunately much of how NodeBB stores its data and configuration means that migration to a new platform is not simply a case of using a migration tool.

    We're working to improve this so please hold tight while we determine a means to retain the existing content on the forum whilst still changing to a better platform.



  • Hi @bucknall I am sorry to be a whiner but I feel that the forum as set-up really isn't great and could be improved. In particular the main page allots far too little space to recent updates, and the twitter feed takes up real-estate unnecessarily. I compare this to the Hass forum where updates (in Latest) are given much more prominence and I feel much more engaged with the content. Please consider revamping the forum as I feel it is so crucial to get this right in order to encourage maximum engagement.

  • @cvp Keep posting bugs/issues to GitHub; enhancements and anything unsuitable for an issue should go here on the Forum. It's easier for the dev team to respond to anything on GitHub but we're also aware that GitHub issues aren't always the best format for discussion!

    I'll be creating more clarity on this when I formalise the posting guideline and rules.

  • You asked to post bugs and enhancements in github, what I did, and now I see that you've just created them in this forum, Do I need to transfer my topics, one more time?

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