Need Help with resetting Fipy to Factory Settings

  • Hi need help with resetting Fipy to the factory settings. was trying to configure lorawa nano gateway and suddenly the below issues started. Connection type USB Serial FTDI.

    • heartbeat led indicator not working.
    • tried to reset the device still heartbeat is not working like it used to.. when I run the code for a heartbeat it works.
    • Earlier while booting it use to display WIFI connection and LORA, but Now displaying WIFI & LTE.

    have tried most of the solutions. include (p12+3.3v) still the same with the board.

  • @Gijs thanks a lot Gijs.. will get back if any issue.

  • Right, it mentions Initializing Wifi and LTE though its always either one, so no need to worry there (they both use the same method as its an internet interface, whereas LoRa uses a different backend. Pybytes will prioritize connect to the network listed first in the network preferences item

  • @Gijs Thanks a lot.. this code is working and the heartbeat function is working now. .. but this new issue am noticing is once I connect to atom via com port - " Initialized watchdog for WiFi and LTE connection with timeout 1260000 ms
    WiFi connection established
    Connected to MQTT
    Pybytes connected successfully (using the built-in pybytes library)
    Pybytes configuration read from /flash/pybytes_config.json
    Pycom MicroPython 1.20.2.r4 [v1.11-ffb0e1c] on 2021-01-12; FiPy with ESP32
    Pybytes Version: 1.6.1, "
    whereas I have only enabled Lora & wifi connection only in pybtes.

  • @Gijs will give it a try & update. when I am trying to upload a new configuration via pymaker the release details are not getting updated.

  • If you're looking to specifically activate the heartbeat, I would suggest you use the following:

    import pycom
    #and / or

    So you're not having any issues with updating the firmware and safebooting I presume?


  • Hi Gijs,

    have updated so many times.. still heartbeat not working. even tried erasing NVS, config & flash also. safe boot option also has been tried.

  • Hi,
    Have you tried using the firmware updater tool, select advanced options and tick all the boxes (erase NVS, CONFIG and flash)

    Does the safebooting work for you?

    Let me know

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