Pyscan Using GPIO pins or expansion board pins (BUT)

  • Hello,

    I'm developing a new project with the Lopy4 and the PyScan. One of my requirements is to attach a 8 pin keyboard.
    When the project does not need the NFC, everything was OK with just the Lopy4. But now that I need the NFC reader and I choose the PyScan for this task. I encounter some problems and the docs are not very helpful at all.

    According to the doc, the pins P21,P13,P11,P20,P18,P16,P14 / P22, P9, P10, P19, P17, P15, P3 are accesible via PyScan but this pins are for the Camera connector. I tried to put the keyboard on eight of this pins. Defining them as INPUT and OUTPUT but I got rubbish when I try to read. Is this possible to use? Or there are any way to disable the camera connector to just act like GPIO?

    Althought I saw the IO expander, it is a I2C expander. I saw on the forum that a user ported a library but is not fully tested. Is there anything official by Pycom about this or is it all did by the community?


  • @Borja-Blasco Generally it is possible to use the Pins of the camera connector. They are connected to the said Pxx pins. Be aware, that P13-P18 are input-only. Using them as output fails.

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