FIPY - 1.Configuration , 2. lora nano gateway, 3. pybtes mobile application

  • Hi Need help with 3 issues, - 1.Configuration, 2.Lora Nano Gateway 3.Pybtes Mobile application

    1. Configuration:- is it possible to copy a configuration from one Fipy board to another board. both are connected in FTDI mode. if yes I want to copy the configuration from my new Fipy Board to the old one.

    2. Lora Nano Gateway:- Tried configuring fipy with nano gateway mode, but unable to make it work. it is not connecting to the TTN network.

    3. Pybytes Mobile app:- unable to load the connected devices in IOS pybytes mobile app, after clicking START, the app tries to connect but never connects with pybytes.

  • @Gijs will give the pybytes app one more try.. For the heartbeat option, I will stick to the code you gave me earlier, but if any solution comes across please do let me know. For the lorawan gateway looks like I need to wait for some time as procuring a pygate board is bit difficult for now it seems as per my local vendor. will get back on lorawan gateway with the pygate board once I start working on it. thanks a lot for the help.

  • For your first question, please have a look at this documenation page:, make sure the device is in smart config mode, and not connecting to any existing wifi network if you want to use the app to provision them

    Concerning your second question, at the moment we have no way of exactly replicating the factory settings unfortunately (I would also not know what they are exactly). Indeed the erase CONFIG and NVS partitions does some odd things, like disable the heartbeat flag, but you're able to reset that manually.

    Im not sure what your third question is about. You can use the Fipy in the Pygate to make a functioning 8 channel LoRaWAN gateway per this example: For that, you do not use the internal LoRa radio of the fipy, but rather the radio on the Pygate shield. If you're comparing this with the nanogateway, that only covers 1 channel and a single datarate setting, having far less possibilities.

  • Regarding Configuration:- when I formatted my fipy device, I had selected these 3 options *Erase during Update, Reset - CONFIG partition, and NVS partition, due to which I had lost the heartbeat and default led configuration. in another post had asked about the heartbeat enabling the option for which you had given me a code, even that also is getting disabled when I format the device, and every time I have to update the code back again. Is there any way I can restore both the devices to original settings/default factory settings.

    Lora Nano Gateway - is it better to go with Lorawan gateway with pygate option? if yes can I use the FTDI method to configure FIPY with lorawan, when my pygate hardware arrives I can plug the fipy and use it as a lorawan gateway?

  • Hi Gijs, pybtes mobile application, have tried to connect via 2.4ghz network still not getting connected. attached screenshot for reference. pybytes1.jpeg pybytes2.jpeg

  • To answer your questions?

    1. Which configuration do you want to copy? If you're talking about the micropython scripts, what you can do, is download the files from the Fipy into Pymakr (using the download from device button in Pymakr) and then upload it to another Fipy
    2. Make sure you have the settings correct on both sided (especially the EUI). I know the Lora Nano gateway example is not very stable and sometimes it coredumps, we're looking for solutions there
    3. Could you elaborate what is happening here? Which step of the procedure is not working for you exactly (theres a documentation page here:

    Let me know

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