Alex's Corner - Week 1 - The SiPy & Sigfox

  • Hi Everyone,

    I will be running a series of short webinars soon, aiming to help you get started with our devices and support you with any questions/concerns you might have.

    The format will be as following:

    • Introduction
    • Tutorial/Demo
    • Questions from Community

    The first webinar will be taking place this coming Thursday the 23rd of February.

    We only have a small capacity for this webinar so there will only be 50 slots available. I will be sharing a link to join, shortly after posting this topic along with more details about specific times and the content of the webinar.

    If you want to participate please sign up at the coming link, before for all the slots are taken!



  • Hi @michal.zykov!

    Unfortunately not yet! I've still experimenting with the format but I will, starting next week, start summarizing the workshops on a git repo!

    I'll post here again on Monday! :)

  • Hello @bucknall!

    Are there any "offline" files to be downloaded from this session?


  • @bmarkus I'm looking into a means of recording the webinar - will definitely try to source a decent solution before Thursday but unfortunately can't make any guarantees!

  • Will Webinar available for offline view after the event?

  • Following up my post on the weekend, you'll be able to register and join my webinar at on Thursday at 13:00-14:00 (GMT).

    You'll need to use the passphrase "PycomWeek1" to join!

    We'll be starting off with a Sigfox Demo followed on with a community Q&A.

    Feel free to comment below with anything you'd like me to cover in the demo/discuss in the Q&A!

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