Pygate + LoPy4 with Chirpstack

  • Re: Pygate and custom backhaul platform

    Hi I wonder if someone knows how to have a Pygate + LoPy4 connected with a chirpstack NS without needing to run an external gateway bridge?

    Thanks =D

  • Looking at the infographic here:, and reading about the purpose of the Chirpstack Network Server

    The responsibility of the Network Server component is the de-duplication of received LoRaWAN frames by the LoRa® gateways and for the collected frames handle the:

    LoRaWAN mac-layer (and mac-commands)
    Communication with the ChirpStack Application Server
    Scheduling of downlink frames

    Im not sure if its actually possible, as the Gateways are supposed to connect to the Application server, which in turn communicates the LoRaWAN packets with the Network server.
    Though Im no expert in the whole Chirpstack and maybe there's a work around

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