FiPy board description for platformio

  • I recently ordered 10 FiPy devices, as I am working on a project together with my students. We want to use FiPy together with Platformio, but we will not be using Python, but rather bare metal FiPy.

    I have a few questions for those who have already more experience with the FiPy than I do:

    Board description file
    Is there a platformio board description file for the FiPy somewhere out there? In the current arduino-esp32 most of the boards have been merged, but the FiPy has not.

    Is the FiPy maybe pin compatible with any of the other Pycom boards which already have a board description?

    Thanks for any pointers!

  • You should be able to use a Lopy4 or Gpy instead, or add your own board description for the Fipy. The modules are pin-compatible as you can check in the datasheets, except for the additional radios taking up some GPIO pins. Comparing the Lopy4 to the Fipy, you'll have an additional LTE radio, meaning you cannot use P17-P19. Other than that, I believe you shouldn't run into compatibility issues.

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