Localization/LoRa/Pycom Fipy with Developmentboard

  • Hello Pycom communicty,

    as I am a beginner, I would like to acquire the localization of my board by using LoRa technology. I have bought therefore the Pycom Fipy, which can work with LoRa, and the developmentboard.
    I have done a research about this topic but, unfortunately, I could not find any existing project regarding the Localization with LoRa technology.
    Therefore, I am kindly asking here the community to help me with a step-by-step guidline, if someone has it already done as a past project.

    Thank you very much in advance

    Best Regards


  • @Konstantinos-Gkekas when you say localisation, I suppose you mean finding the position of the device (geolocation)? In LoRaWAN, this is a feature of the network, not the device, though I’m not sure this is actually implemented in any network. Of course it would require a pretty dense network so that at any point there are at least 3 gateways “hearing” any uplink by the device, along with precise geolocation of the gateways.

    What exactly are you trying to achieve? It’s probably more likely you will be able to achieve your goal if the device has a GPS receiver, though of course the power constraints are very different.

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