2019 Dec Cellular Calibration Identification

  • The FiPy page (https://pycom.io/product/fipy/) says that new cellular calibration testing and tuning is being performed as of Dec 2019.

    Is there any way to identify if a specific FiPy has gone through this process?

    Is there anything that could be done for FiPy's purchased well before this date? We have a substantial quantity.


    • Chris

  • We have some Fipy's labelled 'v1.0' going around that are mislabelled, and actually are the v1.2. The picture on the webshop is indeed old, but other than the silkscreen, the physical appearance has not changed.

    Coming back to your question about RSSI, I'm not completely sure whether the recalibration would be detectable in that way, but it would be a good experiment to try!

  • @Gijs thanks for the reply.

    I have FiPy's purchased in Feb 2019. This week I purchased a FiPy from an electronics distributor. I'd like to find out if the recently purchased FiPy is in the recalibrated batch. Would you say that the cellular RSSI reading should be stronger than our old FiPy's if it's from the new batch? Could we do AT+CSQ and use this to infer that we have an updated FiPy?

    The recently purchased FiPy is labeled "Model FiPy 1.0". I see the documentation also mentions FiPy v1.2. Can the version number be used to infer anything about the cellular recalibration?

    The detailed images on pycom's purchase page for the FiPy also show "Model: FiPy 1.0" on the top. Is this version still sold in some markets? Perhaps the picture is old and all direct sales are shipping with v1.2?


  • Hi Chris,

    There is no easy way to verify which batch your Fipy's are from. Though all modules shipped from our warehouses after December 2019 are part of the recalibrated batch.

    Unfortunately the new calibration is not user-upgradable and requires specialised hardware to accomplish.



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