Need hardware recommendations

  • Hey folks. I'm new to the DIY electronics space though I have had some limited experience with raspberry Pis, know my way around python and understand the fundamentals of these project boards but am having trouble putting it altogether.

    What I'd like to ramp up to is a project that would involve two lipo battery powered GPys or FiPys connected to a button that when pressed would cause a vibration motor to activate on the other "box", the trigger being sent wirelessly via cellular. I know the expansion board exists and maybe that would be all I need to get in tandem with the GPy/FiPy but before I started buying hardware I wanted to see if I could get some guidance in the right direction. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Hi Samuel,
    Please check the network connection you are planning to use. For your application, it seems a direct LoRa RAW connection would be ideal, though I do not know about the separation distance.
    The problem I foresee in your current setup is the need of a central server able to relay communications between the devices, as cellular is a centralised network, requiring the need of a separate server (its not possible to connect between devices directly).

    Other than that, the Fipy / Gpy should work fine for the application :)

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