Some questions on Pybytes release deployment

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    I am testing the deployment of releases via Pybytes to some FiPys on firmware 1.20.2.R4, but cannot get it to work. After the 'your release has been deployed' confirmation message nothing happens, just like in the referenced topic. I even tried the from the examples with no success.

    import pycom; pycom.nvs_set('pybytes_debug', 99)

    does not show any information about release deployment.

    A partner of ours is interested in the release deployment feature for an production environment. Thus I'd be very grateful if anyone from Pycom ( @Gijs ?) could clarify the following questions:

    • Do you plan on releasing a stable version of the release deployment feature in Pybytes? If so, when?
    • Could you provide us the constraints on the release zip file for successful deployment?
    • Are there ways to debug the problems with release deployment? Do you plan on providing error messages for debugging at some point? If so, when?

  • Hi @Oliver-Mayer,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Pybytes team will take a look, and see why the release feature is not working for you.

    I will get back to answer your questions.

    Best Regards,
    Ahmad EL Masri

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