After firmware update to 1.20.2.r4, serial is broken

  • I've just updated a FiPy+PyTrack 2.0.X to 1.20.2.r4 on a Mac, and as soon as I did so, all serial access is broken. I can still see data coming from the device (when I press reset, for example), but all input is ignored, resets don't work, can't get into REPL, can't upload.

    This appears to be consistently at the serial/UART layer. i.e., Pymakr behaves identically to UNIX "screen" commands and to the node.js "mctl" command -- none of them appear able to transmit to the device. This device was working fine on 1.20.1 with the exact same setup and cables, so I know that aspect works fine.

    Any suggestions as to how to get my device working again?

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    When you say "others in my team are able to", is it really them using the same device on their computers or are they using other devices? Just trying to drill down whether it's related to the FiPy or to the computer.
    Are there any scripts on the FiPy? Maybe you can use "File System:" - "Erase during update", or even erase all from commandline

  • Quick addendum, downgrading the FiPy to 1.20.1 gets the REPL and serial-send-connectivity back, but others in my team are able to run 1.20.2.r4 successfully, and I am not, and now we're dependent on API changes.

    This is on a Mac running Big Sur 11.6, not that this should matter too much.

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