Cannot registrating any devices on pybytes

  • Hello, Is Pybytes having problem for registrating devices ?
    I've try to register 2 devices on it without success.
    Creating the devices is ok, token is well generated, but when the firmware updater ask for the token it don't accept and "None" appear just below the token window !
    Is someone have the solution ?
    Best regards

  • I had the same issue few days back. I found that sometime it works and sometime it doesn't. Also nowadays i started using Pybytes ios app based method. It working perfectly fine for me. Also I was getting 401 error some time back. I have no clue what it was.

  • I can't get anything to work either. I've tried all three methods of activation and keep getting the following,

    Please review Wifi SSID and password!
    Wifi connection established... activating device!
    Failed to send activation request!
    Exception during WiFi cli activation!
    'NoneType' object has no attribute 'status_code'
    Activation failed!

    When using the offline FW updater, when I post the activation code I get a response of "None" e85cd6af-77f2-4179-8753-231b614f0161-image.png

    This is all terribly frustrating as nothing seems to work.

  • Hello,

    Since I got my FiPy, I never could activate through PyBytes. Also I can not provision with the offline firmware updater as when entering the Generated Token I get only a None return, and it is not possible to use online PyBytes management.

    But local activation through PyMakr plugin is working, only yesterday evening it was not possible to generate the activation string on PyBytes website.

  • Hi @d-alvrzx,
    Try the pybytes activation with the Pymakr solution but also fail !


  • Registering via the firmware updater didn't work for me yesterday, I instead used the pybytes.activate command via Pymakr.

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