Paste your activation token from Pybytes

  • Hello, I am a newby, and probably made some wrong actions:

    registering my Lopy, I was required to make a firmware update (Windows 10/ Atom/Pymark/Lopy4 + Exp. board 3.1), I can't connect anymore to my COM 5, even after I got "Your Lopy4 was successfully updated"?

    Using "ONLINE FIRWARE UPDATER" as I can't communicate with the USB port, I suspect that not entering a code may be the cause of this issue:
    "Paste your activation token from Pybytes", I clicked on "Skip" as I don't know where to find out this activation code?
    I got two of them from 'OFFLINE FIRWARE UPDATER" or "WITH PYMAKR PLUGIN", but they can't be pasted in the field.

    Some ideas?

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