mystery power draw after using wifi then deepsleep

  • I have a pycom project that i am using a GPY to wake up take a reading from a sensor, upload the data via LTE or Wifi depending on the application then go to deep sleep. I noticed when using LTE then deepsleep i have very little current, so little that my fluke cannot register it. But when using Wifi then deep sleep i have a constant draw of 0.073a. I do a lte.deinit() and a wlan.deinit() right before the unit deep sleeps. Any ideas on what would case this mysterious power draw in deep sleep? I am running on firmware 1.20.2.r6. I have also tried to do a wlan.disconnect() before the deinit to see if that would change, but no change. thanks

  • so i dove into this a bit deeper and beleive this issue has to do with LTE.deinit not functioning properly in deepsleep when using WLAN. It's hard to explain as the correct factors which are unknown right now have to happen to cause this issue as it's not all the time.

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