How do I train my AirQ sensor with Bosch AI software to work with fipy?

  • Have a fipy with expansion board and AirQ sensor from Pycom.
    I used the tutorial and get data from the sensor and display it on my terminal board in the IDE Atom.
    Really fun (I'm new to this as you can understand)
    I saw a video from Bosch with AI training of sensor BME688 (
    I like to do a similar project but don't know how.
    Are there a tutorial for this?

    I think I need a SD-card, so I buy tomorrow.
    Where can I find a beginner tutorial or can anybody give me some hints and directions?

    First I think I need to write a program that saves the sensor values to a SD-card.
    I think I saw code for that in the tutorials also.
    Then I probably need to extract them from the SD-card into the Bosch Software (don't know how)
    Next step is to train the AI-model (there is a video, link above).
    After that I assume that I get a "AI-file" from the software but what do I do with it? How do I "install it"

    The long run aim is to distinguish when a watermelon is ready to harvest (special smell). Hopefully the sensor (and my AI model) are capable of this.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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