1.20.2.r6 L01 Firmware image size exceeds avialable space

  • Any idea how to fix it. L01 has 4MB

    b'1411796\t 363392\t  61540\t1836728\t 1c06b8\tbuild/LOPY/release/application.elf'
    b'IMAGE build/LOPY/release/lopy.bin'
    b'esptool.py v2.8'
    b'checking size of image'
    b'1797376 bytes => Firmware image size exceeds avialable space 1761280 on board!'
    b"application.mk:856: recipe for target 'release' failed"
    b'make: *** [release] Error 1'

  • @robert-hh helped me on this. many thanx to him !!!!!!

    WE need to modify the tools/size_check.sh
    I did IMG_MAX_SIZE_4MB=1810000 (added in my case increased with ~40000 bytes from1761280 partition size)

    go to boards/lopy/script_4MB and change factory and ota_0 size .. then otadata begin adress

      "version" : "2.1",
      "partitions" : {
        "factory"   : ["0x10000", "0x1B9E50"],
        "ota_0"     : ["0x1CBE50", "0x1B9E50"],
        "otadata"   : ["0x1C9E50", "0x1000"]
      "script" : [
          ["w", "bootloader", "bootloader.bin"],
          ["w", "partitions", "partitions_4MB.bin"],
          ["w", "factory", "lopy.bin"]

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