nanogateway with lopy4 and TTN

  • Hello. We are trying to connect a nanogateway on TTN server, Europe. We have declared it on TTn server, configure it to be in europe ( ttn server On the lopy4, we have used the code from pycom/github,. We observed the connection, the push ack. however , on TTN the gateway appears always disconnected. do you have an idea of the problem ?In fact , actually, we still do not send message from loranode registered on TTN server. Thanks for your help .

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    I've replied on your other thread about the same topic, so this is just for reference for anyone that finds this in the future.

    Nanogateways are generally pretty outdated these days. 8 channel gateways are so much cheaper than they were a few years ago few people are using nanogateways.

    There was a big update to the TTN API around a year ago, and I think they removed the legacy packet format, and Pycom haven't updated to it as so few people are using them. Unfortunately this means it is unlikely you will get this working.

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