FiPy wlan promiscuous, channel, packet format

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    I am trying to program a simple wifi scanner based on the example documentation using promiscuous mode.

    In AP mode, the channel can be set with (x). In STA mode this is not possible. Does the FiPy scan all channels automatically in STA mode or is there a way to set the channel?

    Further more I am searching for documentation about the wlan.packet format. The tutorial/example is very basic. Is there in dept documentation how to retrieve information of the several packet types/subtypes?

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  • @Pete-Allen-0 Hi Pete, thank you. In scanning mode (sta/promiscious), the FyPi is not attached to an access point, so it should switch to each wifi channel for a certain time and sniff the packages. The question is, how can I switch the channels in sta-mode? If channel switching is not possible, the sniff function will mis a lot of packages because it is bound to one channel.

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    Hi Martin,

    When you are in STA mode, the channel will be whatever the channel of your AP is, and you will receive all packets on that network.

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