New firmware release, version 1.6.4.b1

  • @jmarcelino I did try updating it a second time, I remember reading that the "high speed" option often didn't work, so I wanted to try with that off. On that attempt it was unable to communicate with the board. Same when I tried again with "high speed" turned back on. I removed the P23 jumper and cycled the power just to get that reassuring blue flash before I went any further. But no flash, no LED activity of any kind, no wifi SSID and no response on the serial line. All dead.

    I did have a GPS input on the second serial port, but that's been there for ages now.

    I looked at the page you link to, but that's mostly about getting a firmware upgrade to work. My problem at this point is more basic, I just want the thing to boot. I've put it in a new breadboard with just a 5v power supply connected, but the LED stays off.


  • @Pete
    To me it seems really difficult for the update process to brick your board.

    Have you tried updating it again (after power cycling with the GND to P2 (G23) in place)

    Do you have anything else connected to the board other than serial, power and the GND->P2 (G23)? Some pins can affect its function.

    Use this post for reference:

  • I just tried to update to this firmware and my (only) WiPy is now firmly bricked :-(

    (It was probably the updater rather than the firmware itself, I don't think it got as far as actually running the new version)

    Here's the output from the OSX GUI upgrade tool (screenshot since copy/paste isn't enabled):

    0_1487982373730_Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 00.11.05.png

    The board is now completely unresponsive. I tried following the "3.3v on pin 12" procedure to roll back to an earlier firmware, but that doesn't work. Since the failed firmware update the LED doesn't light up at all, regardless of what I do.

    Is there any way to fix this? If not, I guess I'm giving up on Pycom and going with my Mediatek backup plan.


  • @daniel great news!

    Thanks again!

  • @constantinos not on this release, but it will be on the next one.

  • Thanks Daniel,

    Is it possible to wake from deepsleep when a pin changes status?


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