Device dashboard down

  • Hi,

    When I checked my device on pybytes yesterday the list of devices loaded Reeeaaalllllllyyyy slow. (it took a couple of minutes to show my device)

    And when it finally loads the device dashboard doesn't load at all.

    Does anyone else have issues? Is there any known issue with the pybytes service?

  • @Don-iot I'll need to spend some time migrating away from it this winter it seems. Luckily my water temperature webpage stayed online for the summer season here in Sweden.

    Any recommendations for easy to use platforms?

  • @David-Nilsson and @Åke-Forslund -luckily I am not using that platform so I am sorry that I can not assist.

  • I´ve the same issue.
    But for me the problems started with "dashboard-crash" since I added a weather widget for GPS-location, with wrong position format. After that, I could not enter the dashboard, but the rest of the sites where working just fine. But a few days later I experience the same issues as you.
    Bu I can´t get real contact with my devices, just an initial ping after a hard reset. So, the signal-site is not working either. It still did after the dashboard crash.

  • Yeah, I saw that later :( Luckily the data is still forwarded to my webhook so the thing is working.

    I guess I will need to figure out how to talk directly with my webhook from my GPy device.

  • Well, most likely, it is because the company is in administration. But that is just a guess.

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