Problem with start programming.

  • Hello,
    I am new to this environment, so I have a problem to get started programming. The version I am using:758df9ea-cd1b-472e-aa63-2865e123abff-image.png
    i have
    I am connected with COM5, so it it my FiPy 1.0. I created new project Led Example, want to run that but I have error d464e6f4-875e-49b7-a5a6-ffa22e419ff7-image.png

    so my question is, why pycom library is not working? Should I add some setting to pymakr.conf?74e27a84-43ac-4157-8bc6-a749278c9a01-image.png

    Thank u guys for giving me time, am new to this environment and i could find tutorial for resolve that..

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