SiPy private networking

  • Hello community!!! I would like to know about the possibility of building a network of SiPy and LoPy. In the example to LoPy has the ability to transfer from device to device, right?) Is it possible to transfer from device to device in SiPy or is required to register the device or it is possible to emulate the backend, let's say on a PC and through a serial port to make a server for SiPy? I would be very grateful for the answer.

  • @yunushkin88 You can expect 8 to 10 Km max with line of sight between two SiPy devices. You will expect to see increased range between a SiPy and the Sigfox network as the modulation protocol is different (BPSK).

    Hope this helps!

  • @bucknall thank you very much for the reply. And You say you can use the modulation type is FSK, and it is possible to use for communication between two stations UNB (ultra narrow-band communication) that provides a range of up to 50 km. Or maybe it's only Sigfox network or not Sipy but possibly in other modules ?

  • Hi @yunushkin88,

    You can do FSK between two SiPy devices however, this isn't the same as using the Sigfox Network.

    You can find out more information in the docs about how to do this!

    I plan to write a follow-up tutorial explaining this soon!



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