Looking for general advices concerning usage

  • I am just not satisfied with my Sipy. At all.
    Communicating with it hard, at best. After Pymakr stopped working/started corrupting files there are too many workarounds to be done.
    I am using Filezilla which I can connect to via almost every time. I have a very hard time transferring files. I succeed maybe every fifth try.
    When the files are uploaded I can't get a serial output. I tried every serial monitor I can think of.
    I get the messages when I hardreset the device or prompt it via the monitor.

    What do you guys do?
    Has anyone found a way to make working with the boards worth the effort?

    Best, Mathias.

  • Expansion board.
    Sry for late answers. Must wait 600s between different replies.

  • @maku
    Do you use Expansion board or some TTL USB to UART converter?

  • Done - changed nothing.

  • @maku said in Looking for general advices concerning usage:

    Firmware is 1.6.3.b1

    then try upgrade board to 1.6.5 - and back with results.

  • Firmware is 1.6.3.b1 and code is:

    import os
    print (os.uname().release)
    for i in range(100):
    	print("Hello Again World")

  • @maku
    is this with latest firmware? 1.6.5?
    And do you have some code running on board with while true: loop in the same time when you are connected by ftp?

  • I use FileZilla with mentioned settings. As mentioned I can prompt the board, I can see hardreset. But I cannot ever see print from code.
    This is what FileZilla looks like.

    BTW: The "last modified" date doesn't look that good. Anynw else that has seen that?

  • @maku
    Hi maybe some specific Sipy problem (i have only Wipy2) but maybe not

    1. did you configure filezilla to use only one connection?
    2. I use com port monitor from Arduino IDE with succesfull
    3. What is your firmware version?

    @rskoniec you are faster ;-)

  • On my LoPys I'm using PuTTY as serial port monitor and Filezilla for file transfer without any problems.

    Important note for Filezilla:


    FileZilla settings

    Do not use the quick connect button, instead, open the site manager and create a new configuration. In the General tab make sure that encryption is set to: Only use plain FTP (insecure). In the Transfer Settings tab limit the max number of connections to one, otherwise FileZilla will try to open a second command connection when retrieving and saving files, and for simplicity and to reduce code size, only one command and one data connections are possible. Other FTP clients might behave in a similar way.

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