Forum user icon problem

  • Really extreamly low priority.
    If i change my user profile image(avatar) and save it that it worked ok.
    But if now i try to change it to something different then it show me old one.
    This is not problem about browser cache.

    I have tried also option "Remove uploaded image" it bring me default L icon imediately and i see it on the forum. But when i have uploaded different image then after save i see old one.

  • indeed :) probably in the future we'll do a plugin for the NodeBB forum

  • @abilio
    Ok - thanks for the info
    but for cloudflare there is an api to purge cache of individual files

  • @livius... I guess that as the image name inside the server is the same, Cloudflare has it cached. So far we haven't found a way to automatically notify cloudflare's system of those changes. It should be refreshed after a while.

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