Sending message back to PyMakr console over WiFi

  • Hello, everyone! ;)

    I'm new to Pycom board development. I'm connecting to my LoPy board over WiFi and I noticed that if I put a print ( ) statement in I don't see its output in my Pymakr console. If I control the LED in my script I can see it is working and thus that the script is running. It would be very handy to send data back to the Pymakr console over WiFi for debugging purposes ( so I can get debugging info from my board remotely ). Has someone figured out how this works? Because I was unfortunately unable to find the necessary documentation or tutorials on the LoPy site ...

    Kind regards and thanks in advance,

  • Hi Joshua,

    There's no way to do it in Pymakr (which is being discontinued anyway) but you can simply telnet into the your LoPy and get your print() results that way.


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