MG996R + PWM 3V3 **SOLVED**

  • Hi,

    have someone connected succesfully servo MG996R?
    I try but without success.
    What i have tested already:

    1. separate power supply for Wipy and separate for servo (GND connected between)
    from machine import PWM
    pwm = PWM(0, frequency=50)   #50???
    pwm_c =, pin='P7', duty_cycle=0.5)
    1. tested direct driving pwm from wipy to servo
    2. tested with level shifting by 2N7000 on PWM signal

    i can not got succesfull :(
    With arduino it was so simple - i suppose that here should be same..
    and i think that i have missed something obvious

  • @RobTuDelft
    5V i use 2N7000 NMOSFET transistor for level shifting for testing
    for final i use smd BSS138

  • @livius Great! What voltage is the final PWM signal? Are you just using the raw pin output?

  • @RobTuDelft
    yes - thats it - i supposed that it is from 0 to 100%

    i have max right on


    i have max left


    thank you

  • @livius

    From the spec sheets:

    0_1491340199230_duty cycle.PNG

    You seem to use a different duty cycle than is required?

    I believe duty cycle is only 10 or 20 %?

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