@bettina said in Can I use the PyGo on the Moon?: We’re also thinking of making some of the pins available on the PyGo device itself (whilst still retaining its IP67 properties)… I am glad to hear this. By implementing these pins the PyGo will become very interesting platform for wearable products for which using Enterprise cradle would be impractical. Please make sure that: it will be possible to power external circuitry from PyGo (and vice-versa?) it will be possible to init UART, I2C or SPI bus on available pins it will be possible to use of-the-shelf mating connector on the host device In my opinion it is also important that to find a way how to fix PyGo onto the host device without any structures required on the housing of the host device which would be too difficult to manufacture (mold, CNC-machine, 3D-print). Maybe magnets?