Onewire DS18B20P

  • Wiring WiPy ver. 2.0 with DS18B20P

    1 - # DS18B20P data line connected to WiPy pin P10

    * DS18B20P - parasite mode wiring

    A - # * DS18B20P GND pin connected to DS18B20P Vin pin
    2 - # * DS18B20P GND pin connected to WiPy GND

    B - # * in series to DS18B20P/WiPy data line connection point
    3 - # * mount an 1 Kohm resistor that will be connected to WiPy 3V3

    In micropython example code I have divided by 100
    the reading value to obtain the right temperature value

             print(temp.read_temp_async()/100) # added /100

    ** see the attachment : WiPi2_DS18B20P_readings.jpg
    If I am right the tutorial example must be upgraded

    from :

    One-wire driver

    This tutorial explains how to connect and read data from a DS18x20 temperature sensor.

    Basic usage

    import time
    from machine import Pin
    from onewire import DS18X20
    from onewire import OneWire

    #DS18B20 data line connected to pin P10
    ow = OneWire(Pin('P10'))
    temp = DS18X20(ow)

    while True:
    print(temp.read_temp_async()/100) # added /100 to have Celsius degrees

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