Pymakr error on sync

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm experiencing an error when I want to synchronize my project on an esp8266 board flash with micropython.

    0_1494511906084_Capture du 2017-05-11 16-11-08.png

    I just precise that my files are almost empty (less than 1ko) so I think I don't overcome the sync limitation.

    I can run my file using the run button with no issues. (perhaps or are not correctly set I user the content given in the doc)

    Pymakr version : 0.9.4
    Micropython version : 1.8.7 (esp8266-20170108-v1.8.7.bin)

    thanks for your help


  • @Ralph

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer. i will keep going with rshell.

  • HI @imperialsun,
    The sync function of pymakr uses a custom protocol to upload, which includes running a piece of python on the board. This takes a bit of memory. Of you board is already a low on memory, it might fail. Try running it in safe mode.

    Besides, we don't support any boards other than pycom boards. So if it works, that's awesome, but Pymakr might use some pycom specific commands that won't work on your board.

  • Hi @imperialsun,

    @Ralph is the best person to answer these questions! If you have a bug or an issue, could you please create an issue on the GitHub repo (



  • I respond to myself. I can upload and sync using rshelle with no issues.

    I suspect pymakr use a different type of file upload and verification. Someone can confirm ?

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