Using ESP-IDF with LoPy.

  • Hello all,
    I know that we can use the official ESP-IDF with the LoPy board , but is it reversible ?
    Can I use the Pycom Firmware back again to flash the board ?

    Thank's in advance
    Stéphane A.

  • For the moment , my code is working with ESP-IDF on an ESP32 board , but i need LoRa support . Will try to add the LoRa stack working for the SX1272.
    By the way , is there a way to know the ESP framework version used by the LoPy ?
    in Python , got no detection from some of my BT beacons ( same problem using 3 LoPy board) , but it's more like its an ESP IDF problem- link
    May be it would be solved in futur firmware ?

  • Hi @stef

    Let us know what you encounter. I'm also more comfortable with RTOS and C - for now


  • @stef Why not? You should erase flash first, and then you'll start over in the factory condition of the esp32. I did not try that with the esp32, but for esp8266 that was never a problem.

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